An extraordinary gaming experience with perfect audio-visual effect and interactive entertainment. It boasts with eyes-catching light design and brilliant metal-based finish.

You’ll spot this beauty for the iconic diamond-shaped LED and its reflection. Player will enjoy the interactive light display and premium sound quality. With dual 23-inch screens, improved ergonomics optimize players’ comfort.



Combining function with aesthetic, T1 brings stylish design to the casino floor.

Feature its slim curve and stunning ambient light display. Player will notice the triangle breathing light miles away. T1 will provide the best gaming experience with dual 23-inch widescreen and ergonomic design.



W1 is the most space saving cabinet, designed for bars or those environment with limited space. The Wall hanging design makes it needless to have a base.

Being firm and durable can all be accomplished by this exquisite metal cabinet.Colourful LED stripes fluctuate with games,and shine upon the smooth surface.With double 19" monitor, W1 satisfies all your needs.



Meet the most cost saving popular cabinet - A1. It's vertical line outlook and metal cabinet make it firm and durable. The unique marquee between monitors brings players extra excitement.

With duel 19” monitor, A1 brings space saving and cost benefit for you.